What have we been doing?
Surprise! We are heading to the studio soon! Not only that, but welcome RYAN JACKSON to the band as a full time member! You may have seen him on tour with us and he was heavily involved in our last album. Now that he is done with school, he has committed to this ministry full time, and we are excited to have him involved in the next stage of EMBERS IN ASHES. Preparing for recording a full length album takes lots of time, practices, arguments, sweating, and prayer. During these last few months we have been pouring ourselves out into these songs. We want nothing more than for God to use them to bring hope to the broken.

What does this mean?
This means we need YOU. Without your prayer and support, we could not have made it this far. Please be praying that the final stages of writing and preproduction go smoothly, and that God be heavily involved throughout the whole process.

When do you get to hear new material?
The fastest way to hear any of our new stuff is to make sure you come out and see us live. We’ve thrown in one new song already and plan on adding as many as possible before our album release, because this is definitely our best, and most fun material live! The new album will be recorded throughout July and August, and if all things go as planned, you can have a final copy of it in your hands by this winter.

We love you guys and would just be a bunch of unheard-of-nerds without you! God bless.


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